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Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil is a natural anti inflammatory and works wonderfully topically on eczema and other skin conditions, rubbing on for pain relief has proven by many to be the best thing because of the penetrating qualities within the Emu oil.

Emu Heaven natural health and beauty products have something for everyone regardless of age or ailment.

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil

Emu oil - Emu Heaven - Try It Emu Farm Marburg emu oil contains the powerful Omega 9 3 6 combination emu oil is a proven natural anti inflammatory product that helps the systomatic relief of Arthritis Emu Oil is very penetrating and works both internally and externally


Our customers find even greater benifits from our powerful emu oil capsules of 1000mg and can't help but spread the good word to their family and friends . Some are only just discovering what this powerful emu oil capsule product may do for you, others have known what Emu Heaven golden emu oil Capsules are capable of and cannot imagine their life without "Our little emu eggs" of 1000mg of Emu Heaven golden emu oil surrounded in a soft gel capsule that our customers swear by.

Emu oil from Try It Emu Farms unique rendering system and placed in a soft geletine capsule may have you soon running like an emu!

Internal usage of emu oil and especially our golden emu oil capsules are now becomming more and more popular as word of mouth spreads about the great feeling of wellness the customer receives and the great improvement in pain reduction from arthritic pain and other antidotal reports from our customers makes us proud to produce such a fabulous product as our Golden Emu Oil


Emu oil is known for it's unique penetration both internally and externally and the unique hydrating and moisturising of the skin this is because of the high level of oleic acid emu oil is used in many cosmetics because of this factor and combined with our all natural beauty potions we believe our emu oil to be of great quality and our emu oil natural health and beauty products to be the best in the world.

Emu oil is used for massage and pain relief from arthritis and muscle aches we also have a heat rub which applies coolness to the affected area and brings great results to the user. Emu oil penetrates the layers of the skin without clogging the pores and leaves no greasy residue a small amount of emu oil goes a long way so aply Emu Heaven golden emu oil sparingly.

Emu oil has many uses and is a great moisturiser for the skin, emu oil may be applied to babies skin, irriated skin, scars, psoriasis, eczema, muscle aches and pain, arthritis and all with pleasant results.

Emu oil is shown to have natural anti bacterial properties and emu oil is now being considered with anti aging properties recent reports show of a wrinkle cream where the active ingredient is emu oil.

Traditionally the Australian Aborigine used emu oil to treat muscle and joint pain. Today thousand of Emu Heaven golden emu oil customers are discovering the benifits of the power this unique oil has to offer.

Emu oil changed my life dramatically!

This is the tale of Stephen Schmidt owner of Try It Emu Farm for the past 14 years (previously known as Hayman Emu Farm) you may read Steves emu oil story that has made him the proud emu farmer and producer of Emu Heaven golden emu oil on our about us page. Many have seen Stephen over the years at shows spruting the benifits of his unique oil and many drive for hours just to see him face to face at the emu farm in Marburg Qld and many customers are now reaping the benifits from the efforts that Stephen put into making his emu oil to the best quality emu oil known as Emu Heaven golden emu oil.

Americans are showing great interest in the benifits of emu oil and many naturapaths and doctors in America are recomending emu oil to their patients, doctors and naturapaths here in Australia are regular users of Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil and as time goes on with even more people showing the doctor their great results more doctors will see the benifits for themselves

Usage of the emu oil internally is 2.5ml (half teaspoon) morning and

5ml (a teaspoon) in the evening. Externally rub emu oil on to area twice daily or more if necessary.

Emu Heaven golden emu oil may show to be the forgotton traditionial medicine of the twenty first centuary.

Whats your ailment - Is our Omega 9 3 & 6 combination YOUR ANSWER? 

Our Emu Heaven golden emu oil contains the Omega 9  3 & 6 combination and you can enjoy the benifits from our golden emu oil in the form of our Emu Heaven golden emu oil Capsules click on to our emu oil Capsules link.

If you have landed on our emu oil page, click our home link or any other link for more information on our fabulous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil.

Want to know even more information about our fabulous emu oil natural health and beauty products and would like a brochure click on our ordering page or place your questions in our comments section on our ordering page thanks. Have a nice Emu Oil day

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