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Emu Heaven Divined by Try It Emu Farm Marburg Queensland makers of our famous Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules and Natural Health and Beauty Products that our customers swear by!

Probably the most common question people ask is "where does emu oil come from"? There is a good reason for this question - and there is a good answer to this.

Firstly, during the breeding season, which is from April through to September, the emu requires its fat for the production of emu eggs, and for the male emu as a life support system, while he sits on his eggs for approximately 56 days without food or water.

The emu is somewhat like a camel, where a camel can store fat in its hump; the emu actually stores a large football type area of fat in its stomach. This fat is called the gut fat. Gut fats may be white and some are bright yellow or anywhere in between. This gut fat is a different texture to the body fat, and will melt at body temperature. Simply by holding this fat in your hand, this fat melts into emu oil. This fat, we believe is more powerful, than the body fat. This has been backed by scientific research, from trials done by Dr Michael Whitehouse of the PA Hospital in Brisbane. This report was done in 1998 which shows that each individual emu oil that was tested, that the gut fat was 5 times more powerful than the body fat, and this was done through putting the emu oil on the back of a rat's neck to see the inflammation reduction in its pores, which is quite amazing.

The body fat basically peels off the meat in a large layer. So, the emu has a skeleton, a very fat-free meat that has a sinew or muscle structure through it, and on the outside of this is the large layer of fat which becomes insulation for the emu, during the cold season or in the heat, followed by the skin and feathers on the outside.

Basically the fat melts or hardens depending on the temperature. So during the cold climate, the fat congeals to keep the bird warm, but during the summer the fat melts away and liquefies to become cooler for the bird. The emu survives in the desert and the cold climates, I guess the emu has a great cold weather system, insulation (fat), a leather jacket (his skin) and a feather dooner to keep him warm. You will notice this change in our emu oil jar as the temperature cools our golden emu oil changes as it becomes solid, in the warmer weather the golden emu oil is liquid.

The fat is even found within the emu egg, around 30% fat within the emu egg itself. It's a bit of a mystery as far as why the emu has such a powerful fat compared to its cousin the Ostrich, but the Omega 9-3-6 combinations found in our emu fat is not found in the cousin the Ostrich. This could be partly due to the fact that the Ostrich eats all year round, where the adult emu only eats for about 7 months of the year, and only eats tiny bits during the winter months when they are breeding, so just to do that alone, they have to build up a lot more power in their fat to survive. This shows how powerful our very own emu fat (emu oil) really is!

Our rendering is done through a unique HACCP factory and it is all natural processing and the fat is pushed through approx 77 filters. There now comes in our situation pure natural golden emu oil. We believe our golden emu oil is of excellent top quality, and we are proud to be the farmer and vendor of such a wonderful product such as our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil.

Traditionally Aboriginals used emu oil for joint and muscle pain. There is probably a few different ways that the Aborigines ate the fat from the emu, but it all basically comes back to the fact that the oil is not boiled. When you cook it, it is a lot less effective, they used to have an emu on the spit type thing and as the fat melted a bit at a very low temperature and having the fat turning, they licked the fat, and having a real feast of the fat, long before the meat even started cooking, and even though they may not have eaten the emu fat every day, It is was so powerful that it helped kept the aborigines healthy on the inside. Similar to having, (but a lot more powerful) raw fish every day, like the Japanese do. This is why it is now so important that a special type of emu oil,uniquely processed like the Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules is now on the market for everyone to enjoy the benefits.

The Emu  natural name is Dromaius Novae-Hollandiae, he is a large (up to 6 foot high (180cm) and can weigh up to 65 kg)  A flightless bird and a native to Australia the Emu is a member of th Ratite family such as Emu Kiwi Rhea Cassowary and Ostrich Emu is capable of living in the dessert or a colder climate because of the layer of fat, I always say that an emu has the best insulation system, he has insulation (the fat), a leather jacket (the skin) and a feather dooner (feathers)  The fat melts or solidifies depending on the temperature which helps regulate his body functions

The males make a grunting sound and the females makes a drumming noise as she squeezes air through a split in her windpipe the female lays a large green egg (the egg usually has 7 layers whereas people may carve into the layers) the male sits on the eggs for 56 days without food or water, he needs to rely on his stored fat so perhaps that is why Emu oil is such a powerfull natural medicine

We hope that you too will try our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules and we may help you to "Run like an Emu"!

Thanks Stephen and Sarah Schmidt


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