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Try It Emu Farm Marburg has the very best Emu Shop around for the very best Emu Oil Found!

Our Emu shop is open to the public to purchase our huge range of Emu Oil Products and our fabulous Emu meat and our World First Emu Cartilage Products that our customers swear by.

We love having visitors daily and besides visiting our Emu Shop or you may view our Emu Farm and the say Hi to our Emus, the best time for viewing is during the chick season which is May to October while the chicks are smaller.

Our shop hours are 8.30am - 4.30pm (Qld time) Monday to Friday weekends by appointment (unless you are lucky enough to find the gates open while we are working around the farm)

Our pet Emu Doc is up the front of our farm with his 5 emu chicks doing the natural thing his chicks are growing so much and looking great.

Many of our customers or people saw Doc our pet at shows when we took him all around Australia, he is blissfully raising his chicks and enjoying doing the Emu thing!



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Emu Farm

Emu Farm
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