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This is designed to give you valuable information on what we have discovered over the years from our own trials and our own studies We have learnt from our customers reports of great improvements they have found in their health and wellness after taking our capsules and many customers believe that we have the medicine of the twenty- first century! Frankly so do we! We pride ourselves in bringing you the best possible oil we can produce



Stephen Schmidt owner of Try It Emu Farm Marburg found great relief from rubbing Emu oil on to his aching joints but then took his curiosity one step further. After researching the Eskimos history of findings of no heart conditions and no cholesterol build up within the arteries in spite of having cholesterol readings over 20 and with no diabetes or cancer recorded (earlier days) Stephen studied the similarities between seal and whale fat and the differences in the Omegas in his Emu oil.

Stephen decided because of the powerful food acids he found in his Emu oil that he would drink the Emu Oil in the hope of dissolving the cholesterol stuck within his artery walls, then to Stephen and his doctor’s surprise they were thrilled with blood test results.  From then on Steve studied everything he could possibly learn about arteries, plaque and then calcium affecting the arteries, he spoke to cardiologists and went to a seminar with a leading cardiologist, Steve also spoke to university students studying the arteries for more information and by reading books on the subject and also looking at alternative applications and objectives from other doctors and books such as Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill and The RX Zone and Life Without Bread and although nothing in these books spoke of Emu oil Steve already knew the power of his Emu oil and the test results on Omegas and knew he had some powerful food acids to do the work necessary for great wellbeing. 


Steve believes in the anti inflammatory powers of Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules The Emu Heaven Golden Emu Capsules from Try it Emu Farm is rendered from a unique state of the art HACCP rendering system and also a difference being our birds are kept longer to produce a more mature fat (whereas most farmers process at 18 months to 2 years of age, we process between 30 to 36 months of age).  Along with a very unique and special natural feeding program this allows us to produce the powerful Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil that our customers swear by.  



This is what we discovered in our plight to understand cholesterol as it seems to be very contraversal from one extreme to another however we make no claims or guarntee in relation to this information formed from our own research into this topic we suggest you look into it for your self and always remeber if symptoms persist consult your health care worker

A cholesterol reading only tells what amount of cholesterol is flowing in your blood and does not detect the build up within the artery.  Cholesterol flowing in the blood does not necessarily harm you, it is needed to carry food (vitamins, minerals, calcium etc) to your cells, muscles, bones and joints and including your brain which is 70% cholesterol.  It is mainly the cholesterol stuck within the artery walls that cannot be detected by a blood test that can cause heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure etc… 


Why is cholesterol blamed for Heart Disease, Diabetes etc.?

We discovered that prior to 1910 very few people world wide had heart disease, Diabetes etc… (for further info go to the Weston Price website at enter the site, then in the left hand frame click on - know your fats - then click on The Oiling of America.)

With the introduction of processed foods, vegetable oil and margarine which are mainly cooked fats we decreased our good fats and also started cooking these fats this in turn started to make our arteries sticky so the cholesterol normally flowing in the blood busy feeding all our cells etc. started sticking within the artery walls.  Cholesterol was then blamed for causing heart disease, diabetes etc. Because cholesterol was blamed we all started decreasing the good fats even further which is mainly HDL cholesterol this made our body produce more LDL’s which is why we now have an in-balance in our cholesterol readings, that is the reason why we believe in taking the Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules for general health and wellness.

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs lower cholesterol by stopping the body from producing cholesterol which is un-natural and can cause harmful side effects. (For further info go to the website of Dr Duane Graveline at – “Thief of Memory” is a good place to start reading.) Because cholesterol is responsible for feeding all the cells in your body and is the carrier of your hormones, feeds the muscles etc this un-natural way of lowering your cholesterol causes an in-balance in the immune system.  Some of the side effects you may notice are tired muscles, sore muscles, loss of muscle (including the heart muscle).  Look at all the side effects of these drugs; we see people daily dealing with those effects.

We realise that if cholesterol is sticking to the artery walls, if you have less cholesterol in the blood then less can stick which does in turn reduce heart attacks but in fact may cause strokes and other serious illnesses and has been scientifically proven to increase the death rate by 20% ref Saturated fat may save your life Unsaturated fat may kill you!

 It is important to note that omega fatty acids are not to be over processed.  

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules are a combination of 10 raw fatty acids including Omegas 9, 3, 6 and 7. 

Over the last 10 years by doing all our own research we also discovered in a lot of cases we have a lot of calcium build-up on the outside of the arteries which also needs to be addressed. We discovered this information after going to a seminar with a leading cardilogist that we needed to address the calcium on the outside of the arteries

After taking our Emu Oil Capsules for four months continue taking the Emu oil capsules and also chew up 2 tissue salts at breakfast time for 50 days then wait 4 months before repeating the phosphate process.   But please remember you must continue taking your capsules and have a 4 month gap between each 50 day course of tissue salts.

Cholesterol and the sun combined provide you with vitamin D which is needed to get the calcium into your bones. 

Some of the health problems you may recognise that calcification on the outside of the arteries and around the heart etc. causes are blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, diabetes, collapsed arteries, osteoporosis, stroke – In some cases people find that a stent or stents were required in order to hold the collapsed arteries open.


Always remember if symptoms persist consult your health care professional

We thank you for your support; we are here to assist you so please feel free to give us a call. Our products are all natural.  We look forward to your good health and wellbeing.


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