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Emu Oil Benefits

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Emu Oil Benefits

The benifits of Emu oil - Emu oil contains the balance of the omega fatty acids. Our Omega 93 & 6 combination and the 10 essential fatty acids our body needs daily for good health and wellness.

Try It Emu Farm Marburg is the largest Emu farm and Emu oil natural products vendor in sunny Queensland. The Emu Shop and Emu Farm is situated on the Warrego Highway west of Brisbane heading towards Toowoomba. It was once known as Hayman Produce (for 17 years) and owned by Stephen Schmidt. Emu oil is a natural health remedy.

Another reason why we believe our Emu Oil Benifits you
Try It Emu Farm Marburg uses no chemicals in the processing of our emu oil.    Only natural processing of our emu oil is acceptable to us as we pride ourselves on our natural quality emu oil products. We have a totally unique HACCP approved state of the art rendering system that we are very proud of.

We feed our emus on our Emu farm a very special natural healthy diet, we believe this and our unique rendering system is the reason why we can deliver such fabulous quality natural Emu oil products to our customer . We make all efforts for our customers to enjoy their all natural health remedies and natural Emu products for health and beauty, as well as finding the benefits that many customers already have become accustomed to.



Emu Heaven golden Emu oil capsules contains the Omega 9,3, and 6 combination

Witness for yourself what the Natural Anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Heaven golden Emu oil capsules may be able to do for you! The properties within “the age old” remedy means our emu oil provides symptomatic relief from arthritis and rheumatism.

We have developed a very large mail order business to enable us to promptly supply or re supply customers throughout the world, keeping our prices to a minimum (as our Emu oil capsules contain 1000mg that's 25% more emu oil than most other brands). Compare emu oil with emu oil for yourself you will find that oils ain' t oils).

Emu Heaven golden Emu oil capsules are 1000mg of pure rich golden Emu oil surrounded in a soft gel.

We pride ourselves on supplying the best emu oil we can possibly produce. We believe in the old saying Oils ain’t Oils!

Emu Cartilage Powder <

The response from the taste of our pure natural emu cartilage powder has been different; this made us investigate the thought of it available in a tablet form, we searched high and low for a natural emu product for an additive to form a tablet as we refuse to have it mixed with any synthetic mixes.

However this search has so far been unsuccessful and we find this is not good enough because it will mean one third of our product to two thirds tablet mix and we find that not acceptable.

We find by putting 1 teaspoon of the cartilage powder into a small amount of warm water it will dissolve and be quite nice to drink, it hasn't much taste dissolved in warm water whereas some can take it straight off the spoon.  We are still working hard at it though for a more convenient way of taking it, however, "The grind in the joints" lets customers know the difference if they don't take it!

You could call us eno's (He knows) if you like! But we know sooooooo much about our Emu Heaven all natural health remedies and our Emu oil capsules, our emu cartilage powder, our Emu oil products, and we love our emu farm and our pure Emu oil we produce in Australia that we simply can’t help it! Our customers tell us everyday how happpppppy they are with all our Emu oil products simply because they really work and this keeps our spirits up and our staff witness for themselves because of our customers constantly either emailing, writing letters or advising by phone how great they feel and what great things we have done for them, our staff love to know how much we help our customers. You be the judge of our fabulous Emu products. We would love to serve you our very best Emu oil ever!

Further information on Emu OIl

Call the Emu Heaven golden Emu oil capsules experts to learn what Emu Heaven golden Emu oil capsules may do for you! Phone 07 54 644667

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